Keyhouse makes a clear and immediate difference

Meet your team

Keyhouse makes information management easier, improving productivity and increasing profitability.

Keyhouse Document Management is a file and information management, storage and retrieval system for professional practices.

It keeps everything connected with a specific file in just one place – every document, every Word or Excel file, every email, every task, every appointment and every critical date – and it makes all of this information accessible from one screen which means no more time wasted searching for documents in windows or outlook folders.

It’s a simple concept: Keyhouse Document Management joins up all the information repositories in your firm, including paper files, windows folders, emails, notes and even time records as you work.

Why Work With Us

We’ll work with you, in partnership, to make your practice more profitable and to grow.

Since 1991 Keyhouse has been synonymous with state-of-the art practice management systems used mostly in the world of law firms. By bringing everything we have learned in the paper-rich, labour-intensive legal market to the similarly disciplined accountancy world Keyhouse has a number of features that speak for themselves.

In this environment, where meticulous attention to detail, risk management and compliance are paramount, Keyhouse has excelled through outstanding quality.

Working hand-in-hand with you, in partnership, Keyhouse will tailor our document management system to your needs, the needs of your clients, the opportunities on your horizon and the character of your firm. That’s how we make your firm more efficient and more profitable.